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Our Placement Partners

We are proud to have established partnerships with some of the leading music companies and organizations in the industry, who have trusted us to provide them with talented and skilled music professionals.

Through our collaborations with these partners, we have been able to offer our students unique opportunities to gain real-world experience, exposure to the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and access to top-notch career resources and networks.


We are committed to helping our students achieve their career goals and aspirations, and we believe that our placement partners play a crucial role in making this possible. Our partners not only offer job and internship opportunities to our students, but also provide valuable insights and feedback that help us continuously improve and refine our curriculum and training programs.

If you are a current or prospective student of The Music School Bangalore, we encourage you to explore the opportunities offered by our placement partners, and to take advantage of the resources and support that we provide to help you succeed in your music career.

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