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This is what our students say about their experience at

The Music School Bangalore.

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Vashti Shetty

This place is my home ♥️ it's been my home for the past three years♥️ I have made so many memories here, from being the very shy girl I have embraced my self into a better person in this place. This place has so much to learn from. I am so attached to my music school, as I said it's my home, I love everyone here, the simplicity and love; you will never be able to find it anywhere but here. Everyone is filled with warmth and love. I hope this institute does loads of wonders in the future!

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Cletus Pais

Completed my diploma in music from The Music School Bangalore. This place has brilliant teachers and I had a wonderful learning experience here. This school offers the best courses if you want to become a full-time musician. They also have well equipped studio for recordings.

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Melroy Fernandes

Have been learning piano and music production here , honestly this is the best place for dedicated musicians to learn music and also awesome mentor with necessary facilities.❤️❤️

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Payal Solanki

I have been learning guitar for the past 1 year at this school and trust me the amount of stuff I've learnt here is just so awesome. I would highly recommend anyone to come join this school .Instructors are so professional and skilled. Every student gets an individual attention.😊

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Maya Chandy

I have been learning drumming at The Music School Bangalore. The faculty are talented and of a pleasant nature and I have learnt a lot in the last 3 years. I never knew that there was drum sheet music till I joined this school! I have learnt various aspects of music in addition to drumming. The courses be it exam music or non exam music are well structured.

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Srivatsa Chamaria

The reason why i am able to live my dream of being a musician is cause of the teacher Mr Milton Lance, He understands your problem and helps you perfect it! The techniques of overcoming the problems will definitely be solved and you overcome your problem!i have been learning drums for the past 1 year but anyone seeing me play would be surprised to know its been only an year!

The other teachers over here are friendly and they will guide you to live your dream!Do visit this place and check it out!

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Simran Rohra

I've been going for western vocal lessons for about 8-9 months I've learnt a ton. The teacher is very professional and has a high skill set.

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Aswal Jith

I have been doing the complete musicians course at the music school Bangalore since december and i have learned a lot. its the right place for passionate students.

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