Did you know that learning music has life-changing benefits? By Maya Chandy

Is music in your DNA? Do you have a hidden talent in music waiting to be discovered? It’s never too late to find out. 

Meet Lisa, a Marketing professional who has been pursuing music and singing for many decades now. She shares her unique story in learning the piano, guitar and the drums. 

How her musical journey began

Lisa was only all of 5 when she was first introduced to piano lessons by her mother, a B.A. in Western classical music (Trinity College, UK) while living in Mumbai in an era of no computers, no internet and no you tube. She studied the piano under different teachers in India and Africa, but regrettably gave it up when she in boarding school at the age of 10. Instead she joined her school choir and has been singing ever since and sings in choral groups that sing in 4 part harmony. 

Learning music as an adultit’s never too late to learn a musical instrument

As luck would have it, and in-between jobs, when