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Master Music Production & Composition with Our Comprehensive Certification Program


1 year


Feb, June, Sept




Feb June

Awarding Body

Ofqual UK




1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year


1 year


7 Months



Awarding Body

Ofqual, UK

  1. Master music theory and composition

  2. Learn industry-standard DAWs and software

  3. Perfect audio editing, mixing, and mastering

  4. Explore sound design and synthesis

  5. Compose music in various genres and styles

  6. Record live instruments and vocals

  7. Develop MIDI programming and sequencing skills

  8. Understand music business essentials

  9. Create a professional portfolio

  10. Collaborate on group projects

  11. Receive expert feedback and guidance

  12. Prepare for a career in the music industry

Extended Certification In Music Production & Composition

Module 1 - Music Sequencing And Production

Explore modern music production with computers and learn the vital role of sequencers in creating and recording music across various applications, such as studio recording, dance tracks, or audio production for visual media. This unit equips producers and musicians with essential sequencing knowledge to enhance their practice.



  1. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Basics

    • DAW layout, key functions, and customization

    • Essential commands and screen sets

  2. Synthesis

    • History and role in music production

    • Iconic synthesizers and functions

    • Building a synth patch with oscillators, envelopes, modulation, and pitch

  3. Sampling

    • Historical context and usage in music production

    • Sampler functionality

    • Crafting drum and melodic patches

  4. Audio & MIDI Editing

    • Practical audio editing techniques

    • MIDI editing processes and applications

    • Quantization and its creative/corrective uses

  5. Automation

    • Automating mixers, plugins, and instruments

    • Different automation modes

  6. Mixing

    • Key effects and their roles

    • Fader balance and send effects

    • Mixing basics: stereo imaging, depth, EQ types, dynamic processors, and spatial effects

  7. Mastering & Analyzers

    • Introduction to mastering and analyzers

  8. Critical Listening & Programming

    • Identifying drum beat programming

    • Analyzing synthesis and effects usage

    • Drum programming across multiple styles

    • Genre-specific stylistic awareness

  9. Basic Music Theory Part -1

"Unlock Your Musical Genius: Discover the Key Modules to Propel Your Career!"

  1. Global career prospects in the music industry

  2. Comprehensive curriculum

  3. Hands-on learning with industry tools

  4. Expert instruction and guidance

  5. Critical listening and genre diversity

  6. Collaboration and networking opportunities

  7. Career-focused training

  8. Professional portfolio development

  9. International validity of certification

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  1. What qualifications do I need to enroll in the music production course at TMSB? Answer: There are no specific qualifications required to enroll in our music production course. We welcome students from all backgrounds and skill levels.

  2. What equipment will I need for the course? Answer: We provide all the necessary equipment and software needed for the course, including industry-standard production equipment and software.

  3. Will I have access to industry professionals? Answer: Yes, our music production course is taught by industry professionals who have extensive experience in the music production field. You will have access to their expertise and knowledge throughout the course.

  4. What kind of projects will I work on during the course? Answer: You will work on a variety of projects throughout the course, ranging from individual assignments to collaborative projects with other students. These projects will be designed to give you hands-on experience in music production and prepare you for a career in the industry.

  5. Will I have the opportunity to network with other music industry professionals? Answer: Yes, we provide many opportunities for students to network with other music industry professionals, including guest speakers, industry events, and internships.

  6. What career opportunities will be available to me after completing the course? Answer: Our music production course is designed to prepare you for a successful career in the music industry. Graduates of the course have gone on to work in a variety of roles, including music production, engineering, mixing, and mastering.

  7. What kind of support will I have throughout the course? Answer: We provide comprehensive support to all our students throughout the course, including access to instructors, mentors, and support staff. We are committed to ensuring that every student has the resources and support they need to succeed.

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"Master Music Production & Composition in 7 Months with Our OFQUAL UK-Certified Course -

Accredited Certification | Hands-on Experience Industry-Standard Tools | Expert Instructors |

Flexible Schedule | Comprehensive Curriculum | Career Opportunities

Free Demo Session

Hard work is amazing. Check your email!

Master Music Production & Composition with Our Comprehensive Certification Program

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