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Start Your Australian Degree in india

Australian Institute of Music is the largest College for Music education in Australia , it is now offering the opportunity to Students to study its courses

Features of the Undergraduate certificate course in music production in India


  • Course offered at The Music School Bangalore under license from AIM, Australia

  • Duration 7 months comprising of 2 semesters 

  • Both modes of teaching available-Online and offline


Progress from UG Certificate to Bachelor degree in Australia


  • If a student wants to enroll for Bachelor degree in AIM Sydney or Melbourne, then he/she will get credit transfers for the UG certificate , so big saving on cost and time

  • AIM representative in India will provide support for admission and for obtaining student visa

  • The College offers students support services throughout the course and also placement support for final year students

  • Students can work part time while studying

  • Career outcomes-Music Conducter, Music arranger, Music producer, Marketing manager, Private Music tutor

  • On completion of the Bachelor degree , 2 year stayback Visa is available