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  • What types of courses does The Music School Bangalore offer?
    TMSB offers a wide range of courses, including undergraduate certifications, diplomas, advanced diplomas, bachelors degrees, and extended certifications in various music disciplines like music production, composition, sound engineering, performance, film scoring, and post-production.
  • How long do the courses at TMSB last?
    The duration of courses at TMSB varies depending on the program. Courses range from short-term certifications lasting around 7 months to more comprehensive programs like bachelors degrees, which can take up to 3 years to complete.
  • Are there any prerequisites or entry requirements for the courses at TMSB?
    Entry requirements will vary depending on the course you choose. Some courses may require a foundation in music or a related discipline, while others may require an audition or demonstration of musical abilities. Be sure to check the specific course requirements on the TMSB website or contact the school for more information.
  • Can I enroll in multiple courses at TMSB?
    Yes, you can enroll in multiple courses at TMSB, depending on your interests and goals. However, be aware that this may require additional time and financial commitment to complete all the courses.
  • Is there any financial aid or scholarships available for students at TMSB?
    For information about financial aid or scholarships at TMSB, it's recommended to contact the school directly. They can provide information about any available scholarships, grants, or other financial assistance for eligible students.
  • What career opportunities can I expect after completing a course at TMSB?
    Graduates from TMSB courses can pursue various careers in the music industry, such as music production, composition, sound engineering, live performance, film scoring, post-production, and music education. The specific career path will depend on the course and specialization you choose.
  • How can I contact The Music School Bangalore for more information?
    You can reach out to TMSB at: The Music School Bangalore No 202, Premier Presidency No35/17 Langfort Road Shanthinagar, Bangalore, 560025 Phone - +91 7848828829
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