Student Talent Assessment and Review

STAR is TMSB’s unique assessment program that evaluates a student’s progress in a fun and inspiring way. Students are encouraged to put their skills to the test in creating their own musical pieces and performing in front of their peers. With STAR, students are guided toward a goal that is unique to them so that they can stand out from the crowd.

Guitar Lesson

Projects | Performances | Exams | Peer Review | Feedback

  • Project Evaluation

    Projects are divided into tasks that are reviewed upon completion, giving the teacher and student a clear idea of the student’s progress.

  • Performance Pieces

    Students are encouraged to build performance repertoires which they will perform in front of an audience of their peers, receiving feedback from their peers as well as their teachers.

  • Graded Exams

    Our graded exams are designed to help students develop a strong work ethic by motivating them to practice regularly for a yearly graded exam.

  • Feedback

    Throughout our courses, students receive regular feedback from our experienced faculty, helping them accurately evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement.


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