Our Story

TMSB is the brain child of Milton Lance who always wanted to create a platform for musicians, by incorporating latest methodologies of training and, in the process create opportunities for living in their dreams.


TMSB has been recognised by various industry experts and music panels as bringing in state of the art infrastructure, curriculum to mould novices, to expert musicians.


What started as a one man’s dream 9 years ago; today stands as an epitome for excellence in teaching music and enable all music learners to perfect the art of music in action.

Milton Lance is TheFounder and Director of The Music School Bangalore



TMSB, through its vision and mission, works to promote cross-cultural musical dialogue and exchange, especially between contemporary and more traditional and folkloric styles of music through its highly qualified faculty. 

We believe in the power of music to transcend linguistic, economic, cultural and intellectual barriers and envision a local-to-global music community in which all people, genres, cultures, instruments and sounds are in a state of dynamic collaboration and learning. 

Music education at TMSB is viewed as holistic learning experience that is important at every stage of a persons life and development. We believe in developing all-rounded students with a deep awareness and understanding of musical diversity. The Institute also works to create a body of knowledge through evidence that is able to sensitively represent the many positive effects of musical education and learning as comprehensively as possible.



The Music School Bangalore brings a distinctive and modern approach to music education in India. Our curriculum is comprehensive, with an in-depth study of broad range of musical genres including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Western Classical, and World Music. It also incorporates music technology and music business management, which we believe is very essential for today's working musician. 

Our campus is located in the heart of Bangalore City, giving students the opportunity to experience their musical learning while being connected to the bustling music and arts scene of the metropolis.



To educate, train, and prepare students to excel at music, which reflects the diversity of expression and opportunities that define today's music industry. 

To bridge the gap between traditional teaching methodologies, while also expanding on and incorporating modern classroom teaching giving students an in-depth view of both subjects and a much broader perspective. 

To provide a high standard of music education at an affordable price 

To further develop a music community within India that brings together artists to collaborate and express their musical vision.